I’m a photographer that loves to cook.  I was lucky enough to be raised by parents that made healthy homemade meals a priority in our house.  Of course, when I was young, I wanted everything else but that.  I asked my friends to get me junk food for my birthday because my Mom wouldn’t allow it in the house. And eating out was for special occasions.

Now, I am eternally grateful for my parents’ desire to make gathering together to create and share homemade healthy meals a priority.  At the tender young age of 43, I look and feel 30 years old…and that’s the guesstimate of strangers.  Sometimes they guess older and sometimes younger (it often depends on how much sleep I’ve had).  I even get carded for alcohol still.  I’m not trying to brag, as I’m sure age will catch up with me very soon.  I’m trying to emphasis that a lifetime of eating healthy home-cooked meals can have a profound impact on the way you look and feel.

But here’s the thing, I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian.  I don’t follow the Paleo diet or avoid gluten.  I love cheese and butter, and I’ve never participated in a “diet” program.  I’m not interested in using this blog to preach for or against any of these things.  There’s enough folks out there for that.  I will emphasis moderation, limited quantities of quality meat, veggie and fruit heaviness, and some sort of mental balance in it all.  I also am a fan of not making your eating habits a large part of your identity. Here in Portland, OR, I’ll learn that someone is a gluten intolerant, dairy free primary in a polyamorous relationship…with in the first 5 minutes of meeting them.  I guess you gotta be careful when you say, “Hello.  How are you?”

This blog is simply a documentation of my journey to be a more intuitive cook.  I want to be better at opening the fridge, assessing what is available, and throwing something together that is tasty and healthy, without a recipe book or measuring spoons.  Fair warning: not everything will be healthy.  I don’t believe in being too strict.

I’m also refining my food photography skills.  My experience has mostly been in cinematography…of many people and subjects, including food for commercials, where I had a crew and a food stylist.  Trying to style the food on my own makes me so much more grateful for the wizardry of the talented food stylists I’ve worked with in the past.

Along this journey, I will often share recipes, lighting setups, and some health info.  I also have ambitions to share the insights of other home cooks, chefs, food stylists, photographers, and health practitioners that want to contribute.

Let’s see where this takes me, and who will join.  Bon Voyage!